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Last updated 2/2/2021 at 2:53pm

Lorraine Shepherd-Davis enrolled tribal member of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate founded the Native American Development Center in Bismarck, North Dakota in September 2012. In May 2019, she founded a second nonprofit called, Native Community Development, Inc., doing business as, NATIVE, Inc.

Ms. Shepherd-Davis started these nonprofits to respond to a great need in the Bismarck metropolitan area. Through her personal and professional experience, she witnessed the need to have an Indian Center that culturally-responds to helping Native Americans living in the area.

In 2001, she had moved to Bismarck to go to United Tribes Technical College aspiring to have a better life for her and her son. With challenges but meaningful potential, she had experienced the need for socio-cultural and economic supports and assistance. As a previous Housing Director, she witnessed many in need of affordable housing with extensive support services. Native American Development Center and NATIVE, Inc. were both created to address these needs.

The Native American Development Center (NADC) is a Native Community Development Financial Institution commonly referred to as a Native CDFI and is currently developing a business incubator. NADC exists to address poverty by creating wealth amongst Native American populations through the access of credit builder loans, micro-business loans and development services to develop credit and start-up businesses and as a start-up business platform. While developing this organization, she witnessed the need for another organization that focused on helping Native Americans achieve economic stability through affordable housing and supportive services and socio-cultural programming. NATIVE, Inc. is a community development corporation that provides Native Americans with children and family education and services, youth and elder programs, parenting programs, cultural programs, homeless prevention, and transportation.

Lorraine Shepherd-Davis is the daughter of (late) Geraldine Shepherd-Williams, sister of (late) Robert Shepherd, and Granddaughter of (late) Smiley Shepherd. She is survived by her brother Eddie Shepherd, uncle Smiley Shepherd, Jr. and aunties.

For more information: Lorraine Davis, Chief Executive Officer | (701) 595-5181 | [email protected] | 2403 E. Thayer Avenue Bismarck, North Dakota 58501

NATIVE Inc.'s mission is to create safe and inclusive Native communities within urban areas in North Dakota through affordable housing, culture, education, and services to improve quality of life. http://www.ndnadc.org | Twitter: @native_inc | Facebook @NDNATIVEINC

Native American Development Center's mission is to provide affordable lending services and financial education to Native Americans throughout North Dakota, on or off tribal lands.

http://www.ndnativecenter.org | Twitter: NativAmerDevCtr | Facebook @ndnativecenter


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