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Last updated 2/22/2021 at 10:46pm

Wouƞspe Waṡte Iṡakpe-Iṡaḣdogaƞ Learning is Great in 6-8!

English Language Arts (ELA): 6th Grade ELA: In 6th grade ELA, students just finished reading the book Flush then compared the book Flush to the movie Hoot both by Carl Hiaasen. We are now working on highlighting and citing evidence using the informational text book World Without Fish. We have been using some new technology in the classroom including Jamboard and Nearpod as well as Google Docs. We will begin our research unit for science fair soon. 7th Grade ELA: In 7th grade ELA, students read the book a Long Walk to Water and non fiction articles related to the book. Students worked on comparing and contrasting two characters and analyzing character traits of the two main characters. Now we are reading the book Lyddie and are working specifically on vocabulary as the writing in Lyddie has many unknown words. We are also analyzing quotes from the book and looking at what they mean. 7th grade will also be starting research papers soon for the science fair. 8th Grade ELA: In 8th grade ELA, students completed a unit on research and water rights. Students worked hard to write a multiple paragraph essay and include evidence from several articles within. They also read the book Where I Belong by Tara White. Some students said that that was one of the best books they have read. Now we are reading the book Unbroken and working on various traits good writers have as well as continuing to work on citing evidence within our writing. 8th grade will be staying busy as they have research science fair papers to complete this month.

Mathematics: 6th Gade Mathematics: 6th Grade is finishing Unit 2 in math on the Number System. We will be heading into Unit 3 to study Expression and Equations. It was unfortunate that we had to go into quarantine, but we are continuing to work hard to get everything done. We have also started to progress monitor using AIMS web probes. Students can keep track of their progress and become aware of just how much they have learned throughout the year.7th Grade Mathematics: The 7th grade just transitioned from a unit on Proportional Reasoning to a unit in Algebraic Expressions. We've been spending time simplifying algebraic expressions by combining like terms. We have also been using the distributive property to simplify and in the inverse direction to factor algebraic expressions. 8th Grade Mathematics: The 8th grade have been focused on functions and linear equations. They know that the slope of a line is the rate of change and that the y-intercept is the initial value. They know how to graph linear functions and how to find the slope and y-intercept from a graph, an equation, or a table of values. They also know how to write a linear function in the form y = mx + b.

Science: 6th Grade Science:We just wrapped-up our lesson on "Energy".  The students learned about kinetic and potential energy along with the forms of energy such as elastic, chemical, mechanical, electrical, and more.  We are starting a new unit this week on "Energy Transfer".  The students will explore the many forms that energy can take and how it can be transferred from one object to another. 7th Grade Science: The students are working on the levels of animal bodies as systems.  The students will develop an understanding of the systems and subsystems that are common to all animal life.  They will identify similarities and differences between animals that live in different environments. 8th Grade Science: The students have learned about the differences of weather and climate.  The students continue to interpret visuals and develop and use models to explore factors and interactions in the Earth system that influence regional climates.

Social Studies: 6th Grade: In 6th grade SS, we've just completed a unit on MesoAmerica. We looked back on indigenous cultures during this time and how life in pre-contact America was. We noted how these societies made huge contributions to life, science, math and food. 7th Grade: 7th Grade is deep in the World War II portion of studying European geography. We have studied Jewish life in Germany prior to Hitler gaining power. We also looked at propaganda and how people in charge can control what is published or talked about. 8th Grade: 8th grade has been covering events leading up to the civil war. They focused on terms such as sectionalism, abolition, and the fourteenth amendment. The slave experience has been another important aspect that we made sure to study and understand. Currently, we are talking about the battles of the war and what the results of the war look like for each of the sides. 

MS Staff: 8th Advisor & Science Teacher - Ms. Pena [email protected]; 7th Advisor & ELA Teacher - Ms. Braaten [email protected]; 6th Advisor & Social Science Teacher - Ms. Demi Dumarce [email protected]; MS Math Teacher - Dr. Nadine Eastman [email protected]; 6th Math Teacher - Ms. Robin Cook [email protected]; 6th Co-Teacher - Ms. Amanda Stulken [email protected]; PE Techer - Ms. Jessica SquirrelCoat [email protected]; Dakota Teacher - Ms. Jessica Tiger [email protected]; MS Paraprofessional - Ms. Rion Redday [email protected]


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