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Last updated 3/8/2021 at 11:27pm

February 2021 Report from the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Tribal Secretary

Greetings to Executives, Tribal Council & the Oyate of the SWO.

Please note that the Dakota Crossing Grocery and C-Store has been officially leased to G.F. Buche Company beginning March 8th. Therefore, the Elderly Food Coupons will transition to re-loadable gift cards. We will provide our list of elders to R.F. Buche this week so he can plan for a timely distribution. The remainder of the elderly cards will be mailed as usual. There are 2,191 elders listed for the month of

February. There were 65 people that came to the TSO for assistance for the month of February, not including Program Managers and/or Tribal Council. We logged in and responded to 203 phone calls. There were no complaints received this month. There were 83 scheduled meetings with Tribal Executives, Council, Program Managers and others, including the WebEx or Zoom meetings; and, 7 conference calls.

Our Warming House shelter located in Sisseton will be on the agenda for a Public Forum on March 8,2021, at 7:00pm, held at City Hall, City of Sisseton. This Public Forum is part of the process for thespecial permit we have with the City of Sisseton. We are asking to modify the current special permit to extend the hours for the shelter. We currently have the hours listed from 6:00pm to 8:00am daily. We are out of compliance when we have the shelter open around the clock and not ask anybody to leave the shelter during the extreme cold. The City of Sisseton has been understanding to why we keep the shelter open (during extreme cold weather), but this Public Forum will give us an opportunity to get the hours changed to be available to be open 24 hours daily and get us in compliance with the special permit.

We are encouraged due to at the last City Hall public meeting held on February 8, 2021, where Dawn Ryan, Manager, Warming Shelter, and Chanda Joseph, Executive Assistant, Tribal Secretary's Office attended this meeting. Their Council stated how the shelter has been operating in compliance for the most part and any concern is addressed immediately. Their Council stated the shelter is operating very well this year and as well as for last year. Due to the good working relationship with the shelter this year and last year, their Council wants to continue to keep the governing special permit working for the City of Sisseton and for the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate. Great job to Dawn Ryan and Chanda Joseph for attending this important meeting in February and to get the Public Forum scheduled for March 8, 2021. Our office will continue to keep up to date with the special permit to keep this much needed service open to the people who benefit from the use of and/or who need the shelter. It's a team effort.

I want to remind you all that the Tribal Secretary's Office is open daily, and staff are available to assist you, including during noon for those wanting to do business during their lunch break. But please continue to call the office ahead of time so, if needed, we can direct you to the appropriate office if we can't assist you and to prevent an unnecessary trip if it's something we can handle over the phone. If you would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to do so, call: 698-8323.

PLEASE NOTE: Tribal Offices will be Closed through Friday March 12th. due to the increase of Covid-19 Cases

"Stay Positive; Test Negative; and, Wear a Mask!"


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