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ESDS Teacher Dakotah Professional Development Day and Cultural Tour


Last updated 3/16/2021 at 12:26am

On March 8, 2021, the Enemy Swim Day School teachers participated in a Dakotah Culture Professional Development day. We started the day with our class on Indigenous Responsive Teaching which was facilitated by Ms. Jeannine Metzger, Instructional Principal. All of our teachers are taking this 3 credit class taught by Ms. Jeannine and Dr. Eastman. From 9:30 to noon, the teachers in groups rotated through 3 trainings. Ms. Demi DuMarce taught Dakotah History and provided information on the Dakotah Bands. Participants were amazed at the knowledge of Demi. Ms. Jessica Tiger taught a Dakotah lesson on Opetuƞ or Shopping. Participants shopped and paid (kajuju). Dr. Eastman taught the Syllabic method of pronunciation. Participants sang a couple of hymns and practiced reading out of the many Dakotah books created by the Dakotah Language Institute. This was followed by a lunch together at Dakota Connection and then the reservation tour began. Darell DeCoteau was our tour guide with Kevin Jorgenson our bus driver. We were joined by several SWO Tribal Education Department employees. We traveled to Lake Traverse district and around the lake learning about the historical significance of many places to the Dakota. We went through Brown's Valley and learned how it received it's name and all about Sam Brown. From there we traveled west by Peever Flats and through Peever. We learned about the Peever school and passed by the location that the school built at Sisseton High School was supposed to be built for Native American students. We drove by the first school Tipi Zi and the site of Chief Gabriel Renville's gravesite was pointed out. We then drove to Agency and toured the Sisseton-Wahpeton College and learned about the history of the Dakotah in this area. Enemy Swim Day School is very appreciative of Darell Decoteau's expertise and time. Wopida eciciye Darell for sharing so much Dakotah historical information with our teachers.


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