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Early Childhood Intervention Program – Charnelle Gill, Program Manager


Last updated 3/16/2021 at 12:27am

Early Childhood Intervention Program – Charnelle Gill, Program Manager

Function/Mission Statement:

The Early Childhood Intervention Program provides services to all native children ages 0-5 living on the Lake Traverse Reservation. ECIP’s goal is to screen all children enrolled in our program at the appropriate age level. Refer children that show a possible delay or disability to the appropriate agency to be placed on an Individual Family Services Plan or Individual Education Plan according to age. Follow all children referred and placed on plans to provide Intervention services to the families. Provide monthly parent meetings with issues and concerns that affect parents enrolled in our program.

Services Provided:

Intervention: Each child on an IEP or IFSP receive monthly activities and diapers from our Intervention Staff. Each staff person oversees approximately 28 children on their list. Laurie was able to serve 25 out of 30 children on her list. Elsie was able to serve 27 out of 28 on her list.

Tracking: Developmental Screenings are done virtually or by telephone. Our staff have been busy working on the current monthly screening lists and going back several months to catch other children that might have been missed due to the pandemic. For many children, they will be contacted once per year for an annual developmental screening (ages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) with the past year being chaotic, many of our families no longer have the same cell phone number or have relocated, so it has been difficult in making contact with at least half of our families every month.

February Parent Meeting- We held our monthly parent meeting on Wednesday, February 10, 2021. The topic for February’s meeting was Benefits of

Reading. We shared tips on how to read to your child to make it more interesting and exciting and what benefits children receive when being read to. Staff recorded short videos reading children’s books. This meeting was held earlier in the month due to no meeting in January. We assisted over 226 children with diapers, wipes, pull ups or laundry detergent.

March Parent Meeting- Distance Learning Tips, Angel Rouillard, SWO Head Start. Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 10am. NOTE: March Meeting Changed to Wednesday March 24th at 10 AM.

The Tribal Radio Station has created us a group facebook page off of their main page. This is an essential tool for communicating with a majority of our parents. Early Childhood staff are the administrators of the page and the only ones able to post and edit information. With just one week, we had over 180 visits to our page.

We have started sharing information on the new Oyate News website. This will assist in contacting parents that do not utilize facebook and the general public on our program information.

Our database is still an ongoing event. With the Pandemic, Lower Brule Community College has not been able to come onsite to download the database onto individual staff workstations. We are waiting to move forward on this project with the SWO IT department. We need our memory storage set up and our new database put on the server so all staff can start accessing and utilizing our new database. As of today, a laptop borrowed from LBCC is the only access to the database that we have. This project is at a standstill due to the Pandemic IT department has not and will not be able to complete this project for us until their new IT building is completed, so far we have no time table. We will utilize laptop that will be accessible to all staff to enter and update information into the database.

We are drafting a maintenance contract for legal review with Lowe Brule Community College for our database for the next coming year. This will assist with onsite staff training, questions and updates to the new database.


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