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SWO Council and Executives Met With Tribal Programs and Tribal Members


Last updated 3/23/2021 at 12:52am

The SWO Council and Executives met with tribal programs and community members to discuss the American Rescue Plan Funding. The 2 day meeting was livestreamed on SWO Tribal Council Youtube Channel. Here is the outcome of the breakout sessions. Next week a breakdown on the entire meeting with the presentations from Tribal Members and their Business ideas.

Brainstorming/Wish Lists

Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

American Rescue Plan Funding

March 18th & 19th 2021

Infrastructure – Planning and Development

• Water and Sewer. SWO needs Waste Water Treatment Facilities for Agency Village and for Dakota Connection.

• Lake Traverse Utilities needs new equipment & more certified trained employees.

• Energy Efficiency for the Lake Traverse Reservation

• SWO needs its own Tribal Utility Company to include electricity and solar energy.

• Fiber trenching.

• Broad Band – Internet services for all homes on the Reservation.

• Grant writers and consultants are needed.

• Public Transportation on the SWO needs to be further developed.

• Tribal Roads Department needs equipment.

• Develop a 5 or 10-year strategic plan for the Oyate.

• Develop a Tribal Co-Op for Tribal Farmers and Ranchers.

• Food Sovereignty

• SWO Debt Reduction

• Land Purchase

• Plan for Hemp and Marijuana medical and medicinal.

• Update laws and codes


• New K-5 School building for Tiopsa Zina.

• Diabetes Health & Wellness Fitness Center which include a pool.

• Juvenile Home/Detention Center

• Finish the Justice Center which includes the jail.

• Across from IHS there is land to build 80 new homes. Housing is needed.

• Shelter for victims of domestic violence.

• New Youth Center.

• Meat Locker to process and certify our own meat.

• Fire Department & Ambulance Building

• Hospital – 638 IHS and create our own health care facility.

• Tiny Homes.

• Elderly Assisted Living Complex

• Tribally Owned and Operated Mortuary.

• Dakota Connection needs to be updated with waste water treatment facility, new hotel which includes a water park.

Programs & Services

• Work Force Development

• COVID-19 Funding to continue DARE Services.

• Hazard Pay for all Essential Workers.

• Telehealth Providers/Services for all Districts

• Triage/ Outreach Clinics for each district

• Funding for Food Pantry for staffing and food supplies.

• Funding for Covid-19 Isolation Facility.

• Economic Development – Provide assistance for small business owners.

• Mental Health Counseling services are needed for youth and adults. SWO Counseling Programs need to expand to include more counselors, more telehealth services, supplies to help relieve anxiety such as weighted blankets, etc.

• Dakota Language Program is in need of equipment to expand services.

• Video Conferencing and Web-X Services for all programs and districts.

• More funding is needed to clean up mold and radon in all Tribal Housing homes.

• Funding to start up the SWO Employee Wellness Program.

• Put emphasis and dollars towards the mental health crisis. Depression is at an all-time high. IHS and Tribal Counseling Services are needed.

• Develop services to assist front line workers with coping skills as they work through this pandemic.

• Ambulance services and trained EMT's are needed.

• Provide funding to conduct a tribal survey to collect data for services from all members.

Tribal Member Needs

• Provide funding for small businesses, new or continuing,

• Financial Payment to help each individual.

• Assist with Rent or Utilities.

• Provide generators for homes.

• Air conditioning units or central air for homes.

• Air purifiers for each home.

• Homes Tribal members need homes.

• Employment

• Health Care


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