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Spear Fishing At Jim's Creek


Last updated 3/30/2021 at 12:12am

L-R, Ashley Eastman, Persephone Eastman, Jalayah WhiteCloud, Natayah Peterson, Cheryl Ragsdale, Millette Eastman, Andrea Eastman, Lee Ann Eastman, Pat Gill-Eagle.

On Monday evening March 29th, these Dakota Wiyan gathered at the famous Jim's Creek to spear fish. With a spear in hand, water proof boots and ribbon skirts this group set out to get the experience of spearing fish.

The wind played a factor of spotting any fish, but it did not stop this group of fisher women getting out there and have that enjoyment that comes along with spearing. Lots of laughs, poses and following each other to the different banks of the river. Pat Gill-Eagle, a treasured SWO Elder, had her name written on her own spear. Lee Ann Eastman had set up the fishing party earlier in the day with the help of her friends and family.

After all the fun, Pat Gill-Eagle invited everyone that was there for a meal at her residence.


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