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IHS Housing Spring Clean Up Day


Last updated 4/12/2021 at 1:34pm

Dumpsters filled.

Spring Cleaning Begins

Sisseton-Wahpeton Housing Authority

Crystal Owen Community Planner

Sunday April 11th the weather was perfect for a day for spring cleaning with the I.H.S. Maintenance Housing Crew. Crew leader Chris Kohl set up the event and had everything organized. The tenants at I.H.S. housing had the opportunity to set out unused items on the driveway and the guys came and hauled it away. A part of the crew along with some of the tenants got out and picked up trash in the ditches leading into the housing area and also on the streets of the housing area. Two very large dumpsters were set up and filled up for tenants to bring their big items forward to be taken to the dump.

Kris Kohl grill master and Organizer.

Anytime community comes together especially for a time like this spring clean up event it brings a sense of pride to everyone. It's a good feeling to get out and meet others in the neighborhood who all have the same goal of keeping our community clean and looking good! After the clean-up the Sisseton-Wahpeton Housing Authority sponsored a lunch of brats, chips and a drink for all the kids and adults. It was a good positive gathering with laughter and stories being shared as we walked and talked and picked up the trash.

The Enemy Swim district is sponsoring a clean up on Saturday April 17th starting at 10:00 AM. The district will be sponsoring lunch for all the helpers in the afternoon. There will also be prizes for each bag of trash that is picked up you will get a ticket to be entered into a drawing. Be on the lookout for Chelsea Hopkins, E.S. District Coordinator to let her know how many bags you picked up and get your tickets.

Everyone is welcome to help. We are also seeking volunteers to go down to the Big Rock Swimming Area to pick up trash throughout that area.

Keeping the Oyate Clean 2021!


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