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Last updated 4/19/2021 at 8:03pm

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all doing well. April is National Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Month. We all know the risk factors associated with child abuse and neglect. However, we want to talk about the protective factors that are especially important when trying to keep our children safe. The information we gathered comes from the Center for Disease (CDC) website (www.cdc.gov). Please check out their website for more valuable information.

Protective factors or things that we can all do as individuals, family members and community members to help lessen the likelihood of child abuse and neglect, create bonding and building resilience.

They include:

-providing a positive relationship with the child

-be present with them, listen to them, be active with them

-providing the basic needs like food, shelter and education

-building a social support for your family, positive peer relationships

-providing household rules – household structure

-being a role model whether it's for your child, niece or nephew

-finding hobbies and interests for yourself and child

-getting your child involved in local events, sports or summer activities – get them involved!

-take a parenting class (ECIP will provide once we are allowed to gather indoors)

-culture activities (heard Wacipi's or powwows are starting back up yay)

These are just some protective factors you can do. We just want to encourage you to be proactive in your child's lives, reach out if you need help or ideas. Our phone numer is 698-4400 and follow us on our Facebook page SWO Early Childhood Intervention Program.

Also, reminder our Parent Meeting is Wednesday, April 21st . Our guest speaker is Lisa from the Sisseton School Early Childhood SPED. That will begin at 10am and diapers at 11am. If you cannot make it please send someone to pick up your diapers as that is the only we will give out diapers.

Continue to stay safe, take care of each other and be kind.


Terra Haug


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