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Education: The "Great Equalizer"


Last updated 5/24/2021 at 10:29pm

Education: The "Great Equalizer"

Horace Mann, the 19th century educator said it perfect, but, what this it mean?

No matter what, who or where your are, you could be Poor, Rich, Native, Black, Asian, white, ect. You can sit with the best and be an equal, talk deeply about any subject you have studied. With education, you are no less.

This last weekend, we celebrated many graduations, this brings to my mind what an aunt said to me, she said that now I got through the hard part, and as I seek employment of my prospective field, it is important that every 2-5 years, take a refresher class, (you don't have to attend a formal Collage class), you see, Times, Laws, Ideas and Technologies will change, so keep up with the changes, don't lose your edge.

Congratulations to all the graduates, I wish you well, Don't lose your Edge!

Michael "The Rolling Stone" Wynde


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