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Traveling With Your Kids This Summer: Physical and Emotional Rewards By: Sonia J. Magat, D.O., Ph.D.


Last updated 7/12/2021 at 5:59pm

Traveling With Your Kids This Summer: Physical and Emotional Rewards

By: Sonia J. Magat, D.O., Ph.D.

This summer of 2021, marks the beginning of the post- pandemic age in the United States. Many cities have reopened businesses, offices, beaches and parks. Many people have been very anxious to get out of sheltering at home and could not wait to see relatives and friends near and far. There was a huge surge in travel bookings, both flights and road trips in June, 2021.

Whether it is just for a weekend road trip, a week at the beach or family reunion, traveling with your kid is a great choice. Consider the many physical and emotional benefits. When families travel together, exploring a new place in another state, country, or nearby towns, families tend to be closer together when everything around them is new. Besides, children feel comfortable exploring with their parent/s around. Traveling as a family builds a child's self- confidence and emotional growth. Exposing your child to the culture and history of a new place will be exciting and a good learning opportunity. Kids will remember this experience and talk about the shared memories for a long time!

This summer, go camping, hiking, or just walking along the beach or park. If on a tight budget, travel, stay and eat local. Many kids enjoy going to festivals in small towns. Look in the local paper for free events for children and families. Take advantage of the nice warm summer weather to go outdoors to local and state parks. Take a leisurely walk in the woods and forests. Discover the therapeutic effects of nature. Soaking in the sights, smells and sounds of nature and feeling the sun and fresh air on your faces will give you all a feeling of relaxation, more alive and less stress and anxiety. This is referred to as the "healing power of nature".

The pandemic affected the mental health of many adults and children. In the United States, there was an "epidemic of loneliness" reported due to the lack of human connection, an antidote to loneliness. Although families were closer together while sheltering at home during the pandemic, children and adults were reported to have experienced anxiety and depression.

Now as we slowly inch back to a "New Normal", consider traveling with your kids; either visiting friends and relatives, going on road trips, camping or visiting local and state parks. Think of the renewed family bonding as well as the physical and emotional benefits to the whole family. The rewards and shared memories are priceless!


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