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Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue Spay/Neuter & Vaccination Clinic


Last updated 8/11/2021 at 9:32pm

This is a 3 day clinic, it is first come, first served. There are no appointments. It will fill up, be there early for surgery spots. It will be REALLY hard to get a spot on Saturday, as it's only a half day because clinic staff needs to pack up and drive back to the cities. It is free, but we are asking everyone to donate what they can to help cover the costs. Prices have gone up fairly significantly since our last clinic. It will likely cost LTAR $11k to host this clinic, and we have no income other than fundraising and donations, so a LOT of work goes in to not only hosting, but paying for this clinic. If you cannot afford to donate anything, we will not turn you away. Animals need to be 8 weeks old and weigh 2 lbs to be eligible for surgery. Please wear a mask. I really don't want this to turn in to a super spreader event for the Covid-19 Delta variant.


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