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All Tribal Member Elder Food Card Recipients


Last updated 8/16/2021 at 2:14pm

All Tribal Member Elder Food Card Recipients

Myrna Thompson, Tribal Secretary

SUBJECT: August 2021 Food Card Distribution

Our office will be distributing the food cards as follows: Buche - Dakota Crossing food cards will be available to pick up and use on Sunday, August 15, 2021, at Buche Foods. If you do not pick your food card up by Wednesday morning, September 1, 2021, you can pick up your card on Wednesday, September 1, 2021, after 1:00pm, at my office located at the Tribal Administration building anytime during normal business hours Monday through Friday. You can pick up your food card any time at Buche Foods during open business hours starting on August 15, 2021 through September 1, 2021 (morning), at Buche Foods in Sisseton.

New applications received by our office for the Elder food card for August 2021 can pick up their card at Buche Food - Dakota Crossing located in Sisseton, SD. You must provide photo identification (Tribal ID card is acceptable) card to pick up.

The rest of the food cards to be mailed for August 2021, the process has started and will continue until all cards are in the mail. This process can take up to 10 business days until the process is completed.

Helpful reminders and patience to keep in mind as we continue to manage the food cards as follows: It is best practice to send 12 self-addressed stamped envelopes to our office for the year. If you have not received your food card after 6 weeks, it's more than likely due to our office does not have envelopes for you to mail the card to you. Please send self-addressed stamped envelopes to the attention of T1ibal Secretary's Office, not Elderly Nutrition Program. Contact Ms. Minerva Keoke, Elderly Resource Coordinator, at 605-698-3911, extension 6633, with questions regarding the food card.

I continue to encourage you to protect yourself by wearing a mask, wash your hands, social distance, and your willingness to help.


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