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PROGRAM NAME: Community Health Education - Audrey German, Program Manager


Last updated 9/13/2021 at 9:25pm

PROGRAM NAME: Community Health Education - Audrey German, Program Manager

Function/Mission Statement:

To provide community health education services in a manner that empowers Tribal members to make positive, progressive and sustained personal choices about healthy lifestyles, utilization of available health services, and prevention of chronic diseases.

Staff Update:

Diana Hawkins, Wellness Coordinator, resigned her position effective August 6, 2021. Jada Redday, Summer Student Extern, completed her program August 6, 2021. Sandi Bernard, Temp hire, started August 30, 2021.

A. Prevention Education

Prevention activities hosted and organized this month:

1. Elder Falls – On August 13th CHE staff presented on elder falls at the 148th Annual Ptaya Owohdake held at Big Coulee Ascension Church. 19 elders attended. Veronica Leaf-Bellile, IHS Sanitarian, co-presented on home assessment for elder falls. Plan continue to take place for an elder fair to be held in October 14th at the Elder Nutrition Center. This date may be moved to later in October due to work on the building.

2. Move to Heal South Dakota “Experience Healing Arts 2021 Event” – The event took place on Sat. August 14th at the SWO Memorial Park with about 23 participants. Move to Heal South Dakota organization planned and offered this event. CHE promoted the event in the community and Liz Anderson volunteered to help set-up and worked the registration table. This is a first time event for our community aimed to lift up indigenous and non indigenous wellness leaders by sharing their expertise in movement and mindfulness. The guest speaker and instructors are coming from across the U.S. including: Oregon, Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota. Participants enjoyed powwow yoga, art + yoga, kids and youth yoga, 7 generations prayer flow, indigenous flow and collective meditations. In addition, participants heard Serene Thin Elk, Behavioral Health Director at SD Urban Indian Health and Co-Founder of Generation Red Road, Inc., talk about culture, mental health and movement and watch a healing performing arts show by Acosia Red Elk, a 10 time world champion jingle dancer and an indigenous yoga teacher and facilitator.

3. Tobacco Prevention Initiative – Future initiative is to present a council resolution for no smoking or vaping at all SWO Tribal outdoor events and venues.

4. Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative – relatives educated & provided transportation support “Cesdi Happens. Get Yours Tested. Campaign” targets relatives 50 and over who have not had a colorectal cancer screening using the iFOBT kit. Individuals completing the kit receive a $32.00 gas card to assist with transportation. For August, 6 relatives completed a screening kit & were educated on the importance of colorectal screening.

5. Breast & Cervical Cancer Initiative “Honor Every Woman” – relatives educated The “Honor Every Woman” Breast & Cervical Cancer Early Detection Initiative is close to completion. The goal was to provide transportation support via a $32.00 Cenex gas card for 60 women completing a screening mammogram and 30 women completing a cervical cancer screen. The project period ended June 30th but was re-extended from July 30th to September 30th by the Great Plains due to the delay in receiving the funding.

For the period of April 1 – July 28, 60 women were educated on breast cancer and the importance of screening and close to 30 women were educated on the cervical cancer prevention. For August 8 women were educated on cervical cancer & provided transportation assistance.

6. Breast Feeding Policy Initiative

This initiative has had many delays. The room that was designated for this initiative does not have a sink. A meeting with the Executives will be requested to discuss the project. Here is a link to the digital story created by CHE staff Diana Hawkins on one mothers experience with breast-feeding: https://youtu.be/26GXIJYlUkU

7. COVID-19 Preparedness & Response

a. For the month of August CHE has assisted the Sisseton IHS Public Health Nurses with creating flyers and promoting scheduled vaccine clinics. Public Health Nursing held weekly vaccine clinics at the Tribal Administration building for tribal citizens age 12 years and over. Event was promoted by tribal email, Facebook & Oyate News.

In addition, to date, we have given out about 249 COVID supply bags. Each bag contains:

 Oximeter

 Thermometer

 Rubber gloves

 N-95 masks

 Adult and child surgical masks

 Hand sanitizer

 Lysol wipes

 Contract tracing booklet

The education material included the following:

 The importance of and how to use an oximeter

 How to clean and disinfect in the home

 CHE COVID-19 Brochure

 Things you can do once fully vaccinated (Mask infographic)

b. CDC-RFA-OT20-2004: Supporting Tribal Public Health Capacity in Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Grant. Community Health Education was awarded CDC funding in the amount of $352,877.00 for the prevention, preparedness and response to COVID-19. Project period: May 13, 2020 – June 9, 2021.

(a) On July 27th the CDC sent out a Health Alert recommending that fully vaccinated individuals wear masks in public indoor settings to help prevent the spread of the Delta and protect others. An email was sent to the Tribal Executives requesting that an updated memorandum be sent to managers and employees to review the SWO Employee & Visitor Screening Standard Operating Procedures, which was amended and approved on May 27th by Tribal Executive Committee action. The current procedure requires all employees to wear their mask in public places. Nonvaccinated employees would continue to mask and social distance in their departments and in public places. All visitors would be required to mask up at all times while in the tribal administrative building.

(b) CHE was approved for a No Cost Extension (NCE) for unobligated funds of this grant. Funds will be used to support the SWO COVID-19 Task Force/DARE mitigation activities for isolated and quarantined relatives.

8. Injury Prevention Education: Total Injury Prevention Education 26

 Child Passenger Safety Distribution Program – two (2) child passenger seats were distributed. Parents/guardians needing a car seat can call the program and a word document with the process is emailed to them. Parents can expect to watch YouTube videos and complete a Survey Monkey quiz. This is the current process during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 HepC Prevention Education

August 26 – Liz Anderson provided HepC prevention education to 5 relatives in treatment at the Dakotah Pride Treatment Center.

 Elder Fall presentation (reported earlier) - 19

B. Health Career Promotion

The Summer Student Extern Program 2021 started May 24th with seven (7) students for the 17th cohort of health career students participating in this summer work experience program. Students work up to 400 hours during the 10 week program. Five (5) students were placed at the Woodrow Wilson Keeble Memorial Health Care Center and two (2) student’s worked in a SWO health care program.

The Summer Student Extern Program is a partnership between the Sisseton IHS and the SissetonWahpeton Oyate to provide tribal citizens, who are working toward a health care degree, an opportunity to gain experience and skill in the field they are pursuing. The success of this program is built on the support of leadership and time the mentors give to each student.

All 7 students successfully completed their program.

C. Meetings (meetings were attended by one or more of the CHE staff)

1. Staff planning meetings are held once a week and as needed: Staff held several meetings with the Sisseton IHS Behavioral Health staff to plan the September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month “Together for Mental Health” event. The event will be held at the Sisseton Wahpeton College Auditorium on Tues. September 21st.

2. Great Plains Injury Prevention Program Activities Overview with Christy Hacker: 8/3

3. Great Plains Breast & Cervical Cancer Early Detection Initiative Monthly Call: 8/27

4. ND Dept. of Health Liaison Meeting: 8/3

5. SWO Health Plan Stakeholders Meeting: 8/23, 8/30

6. SWO Chronic Disease Initiative Implementation Plan Work Group: 8/4

7. SWO Wellness Committee Planning Meeting: 8/12

8. First 1000 Days Interagency Meeting – 8/19

9. Behavioral Health Interagency Meeting – 8/26

D. Webinar/training

8/3 – Tobacco Policy Webinar Liz Anderson, Laci LaFromboise, Audrey German

8/12 – Social Media Toolkit Webinar Laci LaFromboise

8/18 – Keep It Sacred Webinar Liz Anderson

8/19 – Smoke-Free Health through the Power of Policy Webinar Laci LaFromboise & Audrey



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