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PROGRAM NAME: Community Health Education - Audrey German, Program Manager


Last updated 10/9/2021 at 9:40pm

Function/Mission Statement:

To provide community health education services in a manner that empowers Tribal members to make positive, progressive and sustained personal choices about healthy lifestyles, utilization of available health services, and prevention of chronic diseases.

Staff Update:

Elizabeth Anderson filled the Wellness Coordinator position. Sandi Bernard is on a 45 day temporary appointment until October 29th.

CHE is recruiting for a Wellness Educator position. The position has been advertised with a closing date of October 8th.

Function/Mission Statement:

To provide community health education services in a manner that empowers Tribal members to make positive, progressive and sustained personal choices about healthy lifestyles, utilization of available health services, and prevention of chronic diseases.

A. Prevention Education

Prevention activities hosted and organized this month:

1. September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month – “Together for Mental Health’ was a collaboration between CHE and the Sisseton IHS Behavioral Health Department. The event was held at the Sisseton Wahpeton College auditorium on Tuesday September 21st. 53 individuals signed in for this event. It was a full day of presentations and activities, ending in a round dance outside the auditorium. The event and presentations were for anyone that had a loved one complete suicide, who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide or want to know more about what they can do to support others who are struggling. Participant were given a bag of that included: hand sanitizer infused with sweet grass essential oil, soothing stone with

message, aroma therapy diffusers, individual tissue packets, ribbons with information card with the different meanings of colors for suicide: gold = loss of a parent, white = loss of a child, red = loss of spouse or partner, purple = loss of friend or relative, orange = loss of a sibling, silver = loss of someone in the military, blue = supporting prevention, green = personal struggle or attempt, and teal = friend or relative who is struggling with suicide.

Each table was supplied with markers, colors, coloring sheets, fidget gadgets (supplied by Nisto Inc.), a flowered vase (given by Sandi Bernard), and hand sanitizer. Participants were also given a bag to decorate in memory of a loved one. Tea lights were placed in the bag and displayed. A noon lunch was catered by the Diabetes Prevention Program.

2. Elder Falls – Due to work on the Elderly Nutrition Center the elder fair planned for October 14th will be rescheduled for spring 2022.

3. Tobacco Prevention Initiative – No update. Future initiative remains to draft and present to tribal council a resolution making all SWO Tribal outdoor events and venues smoke and vape free.

4. Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative – “Cesdi Happens. Get Yours Tested. Campaign” targets relatives 50 and over who have not had a colorectal cancer screening using the iFOBT kit. Individuals completing the kit receive a $32.00 gas card to assist with transportation. relatives completed a screening kit & were educated on the importance of colorectal screening. The Sisseton IHS Lab is reminding people to get screened for colorectal cancer if they see a relative is due for screening. For September there were no screenings completed.

5. Breast & Cervical Cancer Initiative “Honor Every Woman” – The “Honor Every Woman” Breast & Cervical Cancer Early Detection Initiative is close to completion. The goal was to provide transportation support via a $32.00 Cenex gas card for 60 women completing a screening mammogram and 30 women completing a cervical cancer screen. The project period ended June 30th but was extended to July 30th and then to September 30th by the

Great Plains due to the delay in receiving the funding. This initiative is now complete.

6. Breast Feeding Policy Initiative – No update. The room that was designated for this initiative does not have a sink. A meeting with the Executives will be requested to address this issue. Furnishings for a breast feeding room which were purchased spring 2020 remain stored in Property & Supply and need to be moved. Here is a link to the digital story created by CHE on one mothers experience with breast-feeding: https://youtu.be/26GXIJYlUkU

7. Prenatal Care – As THC is being legalized in many states we believe it important to provide information to our pregnant moms on the risks of exposing their unborn child to this drug that some may think is a safe alternative. An infograph was developed for distribution to the First 1000 Days Initiative Interagency Forum.

8. COVID-19 Preparedness & Response

a. For the month of September CHE assisted the Sisseton IHS Public Health Nurses with creating flyers and promoting scheduled community vaccine clinics. Vaccine clinics were held every Tuesday at the Tribal Administration building. In addition two Saturday vaccine clinics were held at the Woodrow Wilson Keeble Memorial Health Care Center and one a evening clinic was held at the Enemy Swim District Center on September 15th. Events were promoted by tribal email, Facebook & Oyate News. In addition, to date, we have given out close to 400 COVID-19 isolation supply bags. COVID-19 isolation supply bags are provided to relatives testing positive for COVID -19. This month 20 bags were taken to the SWO Isolation Unit along with 60 sani-wipe packages. Each bag contains the following items:

 Oximeter

 Thermometer

 Rubber gloves

 Adult and child surgical masks

 Hand sanitizer

 Lysol wipes

 Contact tracing booklet

The education material included the following:

 The importance of and how to use an oximeter

 How to clean and disinfect in the home

 CHE COVID-19 brochure

 Things you can do once fully vaccinated (Mask infographic)

b. Tabling Events:

1) 9/7 – provided education to 19 individuals at the SWO Tribal Administration building on how to properly wear a facemask (info graph) and the effectiveness of the various types of facemasks based on research from the Environmental Protection Agency. Other information included: disinfection methods against COVID-19, Sisseton IHS COVID-19 vaccine clinic flyer & “Together for Mental Health” September Suicide Prevention Awareness Month event agenda.

2) 9/15 – 21 individuals visited the educational booth and were given educational materials on: how to properly wear a facemask (info graph) and the effectiveness of the various types of facemasks based on research from the Environmental Protection Agency. Other information included: Sisseton IHS COVID-19 vaccine clinic flyer. Incentives shared were adult & youth face masks, sani-wipes, and pump hand sanitizer.

3) 9/28 – Distributed to 249 employees at the Tribal Administration Building COVID -19 Symptoms infograph with the Sisseton IHS COVID Hotline #742-3735 & COVID resource numbers along with hand sanitizer that was infused with sweet grass essential oil.

c. Infograph: An infograph was created to provide education on the symptoms of COVID-19. 249 copies were distributed to tribal employees at the tribal administration building along with hand sanitizer. 251 copies were given to the American Rescue Plan program to be sent along with vaccine incentive checks (those mailed out after 9/28/21). One of the symptoms of COVID-19 is a temperature of 100.4 F or above. This symptom was not included on the list of symptoms for the infograph. Although it is a symptom it does not seem to be the most prevalent of all other symptoms. We are in the cold and flu season. People’s allergies are kicking in. If you are not experiencing a fever you might think it’s your allergies or the common cold. It also could be COVID-19. If you are experiencing a new onset of any of the symptoms you should contact the SissetonIHS COVID-19 Hotline at 742 3735 to be triaged over the phone. You may need to be tested for COVID.

d. CDC-RFA-OT20-2004: Supporting Tribal Public Health Capacity in Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Grant. Community Health Education was awarded CDC funding in the amount of $352,877.00 for the prevention, preparedness and response to COVID-19. Project period: May 13, 2020 – June 9, 2021. Two (2) meetings were held this month to review and update the current SWO Pandemic Human Resource Policy, adopted October 2020, and SWO Employee & Visitor Mask and Social Distancing Policy, amended policy approved by the Tribal Executive Committee May 2021. The updated documents will be presented to Tribal Council for approval.

9. Injury Prevention Education: Total Injury Prevention Education

a. Child Passenger Safety Distribution Program – One (1) child passenger seats was distributed. Parents/guardians needing a car seat can call the program and a word document with the process is emailed to them. Parents can expect to watch YouTube videos and complete a Survey Monkey quiz. This is the current process during the COVID-19 pandemic.

b. HepC Prevention Education - Dakotah Pride Treatment Center did not have a treatment cycle for September

B. Meetings (meetings were attended by one or more of the CHE staff)

1. Staff planning meetings are held once a week and as needed: 9/1, 9/13, 9/23, 9/27

2. SWO Health Plan Stakeholders Meeting Session III: 9/2

3. SWO Pandemic Human Resource Policy & SWO Employee & Visitor Mask & Social Distancing Policy Review Meeting: 9/2, 9/22

4. COVID-19 Weekly Communication hosted by the Great Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center: 9/1, 9/8, 9/15, 9/22, 9/29

5. Great Plains Injury Prevention Program SNAP Training Planning Meeting with Christy Hacker: 9/16

6. SWO Wellness Committee Planning Meeting: Cancelled

7. First 1000 Days Interagency Meeting – 9/16

8. SWO COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Meeting with NDSU Public Health

C. Webinar/Training

9/8 – “Intergenerational Trauma among AI/AN Women & it’s Impact on Women/s Health and Cancer Screening” Webinar, Liz Anderson, Laci LaFromboise, Audrey German

9/16 – “Cervical Cancer” Webinar, Liz Anderson, Laci LaFromboise

9/22 – Great Plains Tribal Leaders Health Board “Healthcare System Approaches for Improved Tobacco Quit Rates”, Liz Anderson

9/27 – NNN Compassion Fatigue “Uplifting Yourself to Uplift Others” Webinar, Liz Anderson, Laci LaFromboise, Audrey German

D. Upcoming Event

October “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” Activities

October 12 “Elder Fall” Tabling Event: Dakota Magic Convention Center


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