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Program Name: Project Indigenous LAUNCH (Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children's Health) – April Eastman, Program Manager


Last updated 10/11/2021 at 9:32pm

Function/Mission Statement: SWO Project Indigenous LAUNCH cores strategies include: (1)

Enhanced Home Visiting; (2) Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation; (3) Family Strengthening; (4) Developmental & Social/Emotional Screening; & (5) Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care. ILAUNCH added two additional core strategies because of the Community Needs and Readiness Assessment (CNRA) process. They include (6) Community/Systems Wide and (7) Workforce Development. Data for the month (this data should show how your services contributed to the community you serve):

Work Completed:

1. ILAUNCH staff completed the Circle of Security parenting curriculum training; 40 hours total.

2. ILAUNCH staff completed the Data Keeper Home Visiting database software training; 1.5 hours


3. ILAUNCH IECMHC completed the Mothers and Babies Train the Trainer training.

4. ILAUNCH staff completed the Women’s Health Collaborative Drugs, Alcohol Pregnancy &

Parenting Webinar Series training; 2 hours total.

5. Updated, printed and distributed the Young Child Wellness Directory to program partners.

Printed and distributed the ILAUNCH breastfeeding posters.

6. Printed the Mothers and Babies cultural adaptation participant workbook.

7. Hired a new Parent Partner consultant. The bid was awarded to Erica Fischer. Expected start

date: October 2021.

8. New collaboration: ILAUNCH staff met with the Tiospa Zina Interdisciplinary Team to present

an overview on Family Spirit Home Visiting services for teen parents.

Work In-Progress:

1. Home Visiting Collaborative – process maps; ILAUNCH/TMIECHV are creating program

process maps. SD Bright Start created their map and shared during the last meeting. All

resources will be housed on the First 1,000 Days website.

2. ILAUNCH/FACE program working on evidence-based home visiting digital story.

3. Year 3 Annual Provider, Head Start/Early Head Start and Family Spirit Home Visiting survey

collection. Closing the surveys on September 30th. Distributing gift card incentives.

4. Routing the Parent Partner contract for legal review. Present to Tribal Council for approval in


5. Renewing the Brazelton Touchpoints Center Evaluation/Data Collection contract.

6. Purchasing resources for Head Start/Early Head Start teachers to supplement their in-service

training with the IECMHC.

7. Updating the TMIECHV Family Spirit HV participant incentive list; distributing incentives.

8. Year 4 Strategic Plan update/revisions.


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