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Program Name: Tribal Health Department – Leah Fyten, Health Director


Last updated 10/9/2021 at 9:06pm

Function/Mission Statement:

To enhance and develop health management capacity and infrastructure systems by establishing mid-level management.

Meetings/Conference calls:

1. Meeting with April Eastman, Dr. Staci Born and Cynthia Johanson regarding mental health

contract services on September 7, 2021. Cynthia will be licensed in the next 30 days and may

be interested in contractual work.

2. Roundtable on COVID Variant with COVID Task force and TOR. Will revise policies for

Tribal Executive approval.

3. September 15, 2021 meeting with Richard Bird, Dakota Pride on FY 2022 Program Support

Budget. The budget has been moved onto the Tribal Secretary for review.

4. September 20, 2021 meeting with Skyman Redday, Mayuteca on the FY 2022 Program

Support Budget. The budget has been moved onto the Tribal Secretary for review.

5. Virtual and site meetings with DSGW Feasibility Team (Mike Laverdure and Kate Grismala

(Blue Stone group) on August 5, 19, and 26, 2021. An open house with a survey and sites was

held on August 27, 2021.

6. Great Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center COVID19 call. These calls are scheduled every

Wednesday at 11:00am. These meetings seem to be the most valuable for Tribes.

7. Weekly Monday afternoon meetings with the COVID Task Force. Discussions on COVID

Variant, policies, COVID facility and rising numbers in the communities

8. Friday bi-weekly meetings with ILAUNCH Project Director and Mental Health Consultant.

9. Weekly Wednesday afternoon meeting with Great Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center

regarding COVID Variant in the Great Plains region and nationally.

10. Tribal Health Director was on Bereavement leave the last week in September 27- October 1,



1. Received Notice of Award for the Post Award Amendment for a No Cost Extension for the SWO

DVPI Project, MSPI/Mayuteca, and MSPI/Generation Indigenous.

2. Budgeted for a Behavioral Health Director and Administrative Assistant at SWO Behavioral

Health with Master Contract ARPA funds. Budget has been approved in September.

3. Had three meetings regarding SWO Human Resources Pandemic Policies with discussion on

Mandatory Mask policy, Surveillance Testing, and Screening.


1. Native Connections Project will be done on September 30, 2021. The Tribal Health Director will

need to close out the project.

2. Waiting to hear if SWO Behavioral Health Native Connections will be funded again

3. Waiting for the Notice of Funding Opportunities for Indian Health Service grants SPIP and

SAPTA. (Formerly MSPI).

September Goals:

1. Finalize SWO Health Plan and request Roundtable with the Tribal Council

2. Schedule site visits of treatment centers for White Earth and MHA Nation.

3. Prepare Interdisciplinary Team Report for the Tribal Secretary and then Tribal Council

4. Prepare Behavioral Health Director job description, advertise, and recruit for a Director.


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