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Transition to Ten-Digit Local Dialing for Certain Area Codes


Last updated 11/1/2021 at 2:51pm

Transition to Ten-Digit Local Dialing for Certain Area Codes

This Sunday, October 24, 2021, 82 area codes in 35 states and one U.S. territory will require callers who have been using seven-digit dialing for local numbers to start entering both the three-digit area code and the seven-digit telephone number to complete all calls, even if the intended recipient's area code is the same area code as the originating caller. After the transition to ten-digit dialing, local calls dialed within affected area codes using only seven-digits may not be completed, and a recording will inform callers that their call cannot be completed as dialed. Callers must hang up and dial again using the applicable area code and the seven-digit number.

The North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) has a list of the states and area codes that will be affected. Anyone with a telephone number in the listed areas codes will need to change from seven-digit local dialing to ten-digit local dialing. Mobile calls already require ten-digit dialing and will be unaffected. You can check this list to find out if your area code is one that will be transitioning: https://nationalnanpa.com/transition_to_10_digit_dialing_for_988/docs/NPAsRequiredtoTransitionto10DD.pdf

NANPA also has a webpage with additional resources for local governments and community organizations: https://nationalnanpa.com/transition_to_10_digit_dialing_for_988/index.html

You can learn more about ten-digit dialing in this FCC consumer guide: https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/ten-digit-dialing

If you have any questions, please contact Derik Goatson at [email protected], or 202.481.1981


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