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Child Support Enforcement – Diana Canku, Program Manager


Last updated 11/21/2021 at 9:46pm

Child Support Enforcement – Diana Canku, Program Manager

Function/Mission Statement: Establish, modify, and enforce child support orders, collect/disburse payments, locate absent parents, and establish paternity through genetic testing.

Data for the Month:

We were experiencing problems with Workplace since the new fiscal year began. The finance staff could not seem to determine why it kept saying we were over commitment when we enter checks for child support payments or to pay our bills. I.T. also looked into the issue. We had to submit paper vouchers for everything until the week of 10/25/21.

The Local Caseworker II position has been re-advertised. Hopefully we will get some good applicants for the position.

We rescheduled our hearings in September to accommodate Judge Swallow’s schedule. We will continue to have the hearings on Thursdays and Fridays to continue to accommodate Judge Swallow’ schedule. We are happy to have him back. The hearings are going smoothly since he returned.

I have been working with the Interdisciplinary Team regarding the Tribal Management Grant and the Tribal Health Plan. The final draft of the 5-year health plan was submitted to Council on October 19, 2021 at which members of the team (including myself) were in attendance.

I submitted the revised Pandemic/Natural Disaster Policy to the Council and Executives but have not heard back from anyone. It will still need to go out to the Manager’s for review prior to being taken to Council for approval.

We have to begin working on a quadrennial review of our guidelines. We will develop a new survey and solicit public input. We received an official extension for the quadrennial review due to the hardships covid-19 has caused (e.g. no large events, social distancing, etc.).

Our FY22 grant application and budget have been approved at the federal level. We received an official notice of award on October 1, 2021.

Our department will need a copy of the new indirect cost rate proposal once that is approved. I am required to submit the new rate to the funding agency as soon as it is received by the tribe.

Our Program Officer in Denver asked me to participate in an interview being conducted by OCSE to improve communications with tribal child support programs and clients. The interview was held virtually on September 21, 2021 and lasted 1 and ½ hours. There were four people from various areas within OCSE that performed the interview. They thanked me for providing information to them that they had no previous knowledge of. They also asked if they could contact me again for additional information. I agreed to attempt to answer any additional questions they may have in the future.

I was contacted by a group from the Dallas region that would like to interview me as well. They would like to interview me regarding plan amendments. I agreed to the interview but a final date has not yet been scheduled.

The collections are through October 26, 2021. There were 473 receipts.

Total Caseload: 1,464


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