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PROGRAM NAME: Community Health Education - Audrey German, Program Manager


Last updated 11/21/2021 at 10:04pm

PROGRAM NAME: Community Health Education - Audrey German, Program Manager

Function/Mission Statement:

To provide community health education services in a manner that empowers Tribal members to make positive, progressive and sustained personal choices about healthy lifestyles, utilization of available health services, and prevention of chronic diseases.

Staff Update:

Sandi Bernard was hired to fill the Wellness Educator by the SWO Hiring Committee on October 22nd


A. Prevention Education

Prevention activities hosted and organized this month:

1. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

 10/19 – Mammogram Day in Radiology: CHE collaborated with the Sisseton IHS Radiology Department for a “Mammogram Day.” Had a tabling event with information on the importance of breast self- exams and yearly mammogram screening. Created a display with breast changes woman should look for using 12 lemons. Relatives completing their screening appointment received education, information on breast cancer and bags filled with a pen, pink ribbon pin, pink rose and a $32.00 Cenex gas card. They also had a chance to stick their hand in Frankenstein for a door prize donated by CHE staff. 11 women received education & a Cenex gas card.

 10/27- Tribal Administration Building Breast Cancer Decorating Contest: Breast Cancer is the no. 1 cancer for women in our community. To bring awareness to this a decorating contest was held at the tribal administration building. In addition to the decorating contest CHE had an educational booth with information on breast cancer using the 12 lemons, door prize table with gifts donated by CHE staff and a station with strawberry cedar tea. 78 individuals received education and participated in the booths. Three (3) displays were entered into the decorating contest. Winner was to be selected by individuals who registered for the event and received education. How to cast a vote was very confusing and we ended up with a large number of ballots that could not be counted based on how the ballot was marked. The count was very close with only two votes separating each entry. After much discussion amongst staff it was decided to recognize all the entries as winners!

2. Elder Falls – Last month the Elder Health Fair and Elder Fall tabling event planned at the Dakota Magic were cancelled due anticipated renovations at the Nutrition Center and no tables were being allowed during elder casino day. CHE purchased night lights for the elders to distribute at these events. Elder falls is the number one injury for Sisseton-Wahpeton’s. With the approval and help of Ron Redday, Elderly Nutrition Center Manager, we distributed night lights and fall prevention education to homebound elders who had meals delivered. Staff either rode with nutrition center staff in the vans or followed them in their own private vehicle. We were very pleased to provide elder fall education and night lights to 143 elders.

3. Tobacco Prevention Initiative – This month staff distributed 28 different prevention pamphlets and brochures (in various amounts) on youth vaping and commercial tobacco to tribal program partners who offer tobacco education. Partners receiving materials were the Tribal Education Department and the Youth & Family TREE Program.

The SWO 2021 – 2025 Health Plan was approved by Tribal Council. The initiatives in the plan for tobacco prevention can now be implemented. A priority is to draft a resolution for tribal council to make all SWO Tribal outdoor events and venues smoke and vape free. In the interim it is strongly recommended to remind employees of our tobacco free policy and where the designated smoking areas are. Employee’s should never smoke when children are present and always outside the line of site of children. Several employees were observed to be smoking outside their quadrant at a time when children were trick or treating at the tribal administration building.

4. Breast & Cervical Cancer Initiative “Honor Every Woman” – The “Honor Every Woman” Breast & Cervical Cancer Early Detection Initiative is complete for the $4,450 sub-award. A new sub-award is being worked on for submission by the end of November.

5. Breast Feeding Policy Initiative – This is another initiative that is included in the new health plan that was approved by Tribal Council. The meditation room that was identified by the Executive Committee for breast feeding moms to pump milk or nurse their baby does not have a sink. A sink is necessary for moms to wash their hands and breast pump supplies. This needs follow-up. Here is a link to the digital story created by CHE of one mothers experience with breast-feeding: https://youtu.be/26GXIJYlUkU

6. COVID-19 Preparedness & Response

a. For the month of October CHE assisted the Sisseton IHS Public Health Nurses with creating a flyers for the surveillance testing at IHS and community vaccination clinics. Vaccine clinics were held Tues. October 5, 19 & 26 at the Tribal Administration building and October 6th at the Enemy Swim District Center. On-site the Public Health Nurses schedule COVID19 vaccinations each Mon. & Wed., 1 – 4pm and Fridays 8:30 – 4pm. Events were promoted by tribal email, Facebook & Oyate News and distribution of flyers. Promoted the Sisseton IHS Community Surveillance Testing by emailing and printing and distributing 205 flyers into tribal mailboxes & bathroom stalls and throughout the community i.e head start buildings, food pantry, Sisseton Wahpeton College, local grocery stores, and credit union.

b. The October COVID-19 & Vaccination flyer was updated for November and will be distributed. For November Mr. Butch Felix gave his permission to use his photo getting his COVID-19 vaccination.

c. 10/13 – Staff assisted with the surveillance testing held at the Sisseton IHS.

d. 10/20 – Staff assisted the Sisseton IHS Public Health Nurses during the Elder Coupon Distribution Day. Staff greeted elders and informed them that the PHNs were giving flu shots. If the elder wanted the shot staff would complete the paperwork/form and give to the nurse. 101 contacts were made with 56 elders getting their flu shot. Staff reports that many of the elders already had their flu shot.

e. Eight (8) COVID-19 isolation supply bags were supplied to the Sisseton IHS Nursing. COVID19 isolation supply bags are provided to relatives testing positive for COVID -19. Each bag contains the following items:

 Oximeter

 Thermometer

 Rubber gloves

 Adult and child surgical masks

 Hand sanitizer

 Lysol wipes

 Contact tracing booklet

The education material included the following:

 The importance of and how to use an oximeter

 How to clean and disinfect in the home

 CHE COVID-19 brochure

 Things you can do once fully vaccinated (Mask infographic)

f. Distributed 90 Children COVID-19 books to the Tiospa Zina Tribal School.

g. The SWO Pandemic Human Resource Policy, adopted October 2020, and SWO Employee & Visitor Mask and Social Distancing Policy, were updated in September for Tribal Council approval.

7. Injury Prevention Education: Total Injury Prevention Education

a. Child Passenger Safety Distribution Program – Child passenger seats were distributed by staff this month. Children who are enrolled tribal citizens or who are beneficiaries of the Sisseton IHS and have not received a car seat previously from the program are eligible for a car seat. One issue the program faces is when a parent/guardian receives a car seat for the child and a grandparent or other care giver comes to the program and requests one because they are caring for the child. When this happens they are not eligible however we do assist the caregiver in finding another source for a car seat. Parents/guardians needing a car seat should call the program to determine if they are eligible.

b. SNAP Training – The Great Plains Tribal Leaders Health Board Injury Prevention Program has partnered with CHE to offer a Virtual SNAP Training on November 16th. SNAP is Safe Native American Passengers training that provides a basic overview of the proper use and installation of child restraints and child safety. This training is being offered both virtually and in-person. Instructors for this class are Monte Fronk, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibway, and Dex Tuttle, Minnesota Children’s Hospital. Co-facilitator is Christy Hacker with the Great Plains. A flyer was created for the event and distributed by tribal email and at the First 1000 Days meeting. The in-person training will be held at the Tribal Administration Building training room and is limited to 12 people. We are recruiting for participants!

c. HepC Prevention Education – On October 13th staff presented HepC prevention education to six (6) relatives in treatment at the Dakotah Pride Center.

8. Oral Health: This month CHE provided oral health education and supplies to youth and adults. The program had plenty of toothbrushes for the youth but needed adult supplies. The Sisseton IHS provided 30 adult tooth brushes, toothpaste, floss & booklets and 50 readymade bags with adult toothbrushes, toothpaste & floss. We are very grateful for support.

a. 10/20/21 - Tabling event at the “Parenting and Substance Use Disorder: Reducing Stigma and Increasing Support” presentation held at the SWC Auditorium. Provided supplies and a booklet “Steps to Healthy Teeth.” 16 relatives received education. Distributed 27 toothbrushes and 14 booklets.

b. 10/27/21 – Tabling event at the Enemy Swim Day School “Lights On-After School” health event. Staff got into the Halloween spirit and dressed up as the Hocus Pocus witches. It was reported back to the program that they were a hit with the children and their parents. Students watched a video on how to brush their teeth and received oral health supplies (toothbrush & toothpaste)

c. 10/28/21 – Trick or Treaters. Handed out tooth brushes and “Halloween Tips” and treats to Enemy Swim Day School and Tiospa Zina Tribal School students trick or treating at the Tribal Administration building. In addition delivered the same to head start children. A total of 420 children were provided toothbrushes and education.

d. 10/29/21 – Trunk or Treat at the Dakota Connection. Staff will assist the Sisseton IHS Dental Department in providing oral health supplies and education to youth attending the event. CHE printed “Halloween Tips” and the Sisseton IHS Dental Department provided toothbrushes for 450 children who will attend this event.

9. Tribal Opioid Response Event: CHE partnered with the TOR Program on October 20th by promoting the event through Facebook and distributing flyers. In addition the program staff served the evening meal and donated sweets & coffee. Staff also had a table with information on Parent and Children Mindfulness activities, beautiful indigenous coloring pages for children to color and give to their Ina and Ate. Relatives also received a soothing stone in addition to the oral health education and supplies reported earlier.

B. Meetings (meetings were attended by one or more of the CHE staff)

1. Staff planning meetings are held once a week and as needed: 10/5, 10/18, 10/25

2. SWO Health Plan Stakeholders Roundtable with Tribal Council: 10/19

3. COVID-19 Weekly Communication hosted by the Great Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center:

4. TOR event planning meeting: 10/6

5. SNAP Training Planning Meetings: 10/14, 10/15, 10/19

6. First 1000 Days Interagency Meeting: 10/21

7. Diabetes Team Meeting: 10/13

C. Webinar/Training

10/18 – Breast Cancer and the Importance of Screening by Dr. Milroy, Audrey German & Laci LaFromboise

10/19 – National Tribal Tobacco Mini Forum, Audrey German

10/22 – Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Liz Anderson

10/27 – Successful Messaging in Suicide Prevention, Audrey German

D. Upcoming Event

November 16 – SNAP Training @ Tribal Administration



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