Program Name: Tribal Education Department (TED) - Dr. Sherry Johnson


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Program Name: Tribal Education Department (TED) - Dr. Sherry Johnson

Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Tribal Education Department to provide a comprehensive network of services for quality lifelong learning.


The TED office has been working in many areas with no staff due to vacancies. Jerrilyn and Lisa have been trying to keep all programs working. They conducted a Community Forum on October 25, 2021 in the training room for the Educational Codes. Social Studies Standards are in the disaggregated stage. A proposal was received for the Language and Cultural standards but it has not been opened due to offices being closed and we are waiting on procurement office to arrange the meeting with TSO.


During the month of October, I have done 8 Failure to Attend School reports for Wilmot Public School, and Waubay Public School. I have visited every school twice this month. I have emailed with school staff 49 times. I have done 9 home visits with students who have truancy issues. I have travelled 301.9 miles. I have had 1 family with 4 kids enroll into school.

During this time Tiospa Zina Tribal School was not in session for 10 days and Wilmot Public School was hit with COVID and I was not able to visit with the guidance counselor

Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation:

We are currently advertising for a TVR director and case worker. We are going to look for a temp.

Tobacco Grant: We received a quote for the building signs. A memo concerning smoking within 25ft of the building will be going out. Research about vaping was completed and it is a concern in the all the school systems, which was discussed in the Youth Coalition meeting. We met with TREE and they are providing student group sessions for vaping. A part-time, virtual tobacco position is currently being advertised. Attended Training.

Dakotah Language Yukini Grant Project:

Brooklyn Bernard made Halloween coloring books, which we will be dispersing to students this week. Administrative leave per tribe.

Research Specialist Report

1. Local Research Review Board (LRRB) Activities

a. The LRRB regular meeting Oct. 26th

.b. Publication/Presentation Review 2021/02/3

c. Pending Expedited Review of protocols 2021/08/2 & 2021/07/1

d. Expedited Review of Amendment 2021/05/2

e. Expedited Review of Publication/Presentation for protocol 2021/04/1

f. Closeout Reviews & PI presentations for 2015/12/1, 2021/02/2, & 2021/02/3

2. Research Office Activities

Activities, developments, or progress

 Worked with PI of 2021/10/1

 Developed a Researcher Guide and a TEIGP Guide (both brochure style w/checklists)

 Began assisting PI of 2021/01/11 & 12 with closeout process

 Worked with 2 PI’s on completing the Termination and Closeout process

 Meeting with THPO CPO –associate reviewer process (test form & Axiom access)

 Updated application – add CRPA form & edited COVID, Dissemination, & Office use sec’s

 Developed RS Workflow Chart B – Approvals to Closeout

 Finished report for LRRB secondary data SOP discussion at November meeting

 Added protocol 2015/12/1 to data repository

 Assisted with TED office with business office tasks

 Contacts: 52 Meetings: 4 Trainings: 0

Actual or anticipated challenges or delays

 Closeouts of remaining expired protocols

 Credit card payment receipt option for LRRB review fees

3. Community Outreach/Engagement

 Attended SWO Health Plan round table

Goals for November 2021

1. Release 4th Newsletter

2. Set up future rETHICS training (aim for site licensure)

JOM: Elections were held and the new JOM Board members are Charles James, Alana Little Bird, Irene Rondell and Sasha Kohl. We are currently working on reaching out to more students and parents for updated applications. Board updated the services that we are providing to parents and students.


Other concerns:

 National concerns with BIE administration of the JOM program. This has been discussed at several meetings.

 BIE Background requirements.

Other: I attended mostly virtual

 Tribal council 2

 Association of Community of Tribal Schools 3

 ICDBG with Head Start (4)

 CESP State Round Table

 Certifying and mentoring a student for on-site Internship for a Master Degree Program

 1st nations strengthening indigenous EC (2)

 ESDS board meeting

 BIE expansion (3)

 JOM (2)

 Wellness Trainings(3)


 Youth Meeting (1)

 Vice-Chair Meeting

 Construction meeting 4

 TZTS Board meeting

 Head Start Governance training

 NIEA presentations recorded

 Redistricting/School Board NARF Meetings 2

 BIE Regional, BIE SEL (2)


 Critical Race Theory (2)

 Great Plains Tribal Education Departmetn

 Council roundtable health plan

 Circle of Nation Meeting

 Browns Valley Consultation MEC

 Youth NESC meeting

 Tobacco meetings and trainings (3)

 4H Connected Care

 Native American Parent Committee Sisseton Jaimie attended

 Parent event admin

 SD Afterschool Partnership


 ED Codes Judicial

 LNI Educational planning

 ANA commissioner call

 SD Education Equity Coalition

 BV Parent Meeting

 Lights on activity at ESDS

 Behavior Health Interagency Team meeting

 Impact Aid Training

November Focus:

 Submit the Final report for Wiyukcan ka Ecunpi

 Submit the reports for Tobacco project, budget work and push the initiatives forward, hire staff

 Work with Ric on the ANA project initiatives

 Crossing our fingers on our grant submittals…. we have 3 pending

 Tracking the social studies standards issues.

 TED and BOR meetings need to be hosted

 Hire Yukini, TVR and JOM staff

 Schedule walkthroughs and interviews with schools

 Working on Teacher Certification with TZ and ESDS

 Accountability submittals to BIE

 Budgets in order


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