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Program Name: Tribal Health Department – Leah Fyten, Health Director


Last updated 11/21/2021 at 9:32pm

Program Name: Tribal Health Department – Leah Fyten, Health Director

Function/Mission Statement:

To enhance and develop health management capacity and infrastructure systems by establishing midlevel management.

Work Completed:

1. Attended the National Indian Health Board Annual Tribal Health Conference (virtual) one day. Tribal Leaders listening session with Substance Abuse

2. The SWO Health Plan 2021-2025 is ready for review and approval. The plan was sent to the Secretary for initial review.

3. Received Notice of Award for No Cost Extension for MSPI – MM ending March 31, 2022.

4. Received Notice of Award for No Cost Extension for MSPI – Generation Indigenous grant ending March 31, 2022.

5. Received Notice of Award for No Cost Extension for DVPI- ending March 31, 2022.

6. Received approval on a Grant Award Modification to extend the Tribal Sexual Assault Services grant to June 30, 2022.

7. Revised SWO HR Pandemic Policies and sent to Tribal Executives for review and approval.

8. Submitted FY2022 Dakota Pride Center Program Support budget to the Tribal Secretary.

9. Submitted FY2022 Mayuteca Program Support budget to the Tribal Secretary

10. Submitted a new SWO Behavioral Health Program Support Budget for FY2022. This budget is to cover expenses that are NOT covered by the federal grants.

11. The SWO Native Connections Project ended on September 29, 2021 along with the TBH Covid program. The Tribe was not awarded the Native Connections Grant and will apply again in December of 2021.

12. Attended the October 27, 2021 SWO DVPI Domestic Violence Awareness Walk and Prayer.

Work In-Progress:

1. Behavioral Health Director Position description.

2. Crisis Line policies.

3. Moving SWO Youth Lodge under the SWO Behavioral Health Department. Tribal Council approved the organizational change at the October Tribal Council Meeting and Health Director is waiting for the revised organizational chart. Held first meeting with Youth Lodge and Tribal Secretary.

4. Waiting on an encrypted messaging system from IT.

5. ISDEAAA 105(I) lease issue. Does the Tribe want to lease the tribal buildings (Dakota Pride Center and Wellness/Diabetes Center) to Indian Health Service? This issue was sent to the Legal department for review and research.

6. Implementation of SWO Health Plan 2021-2025. Full implementation will start when Tribal Council passes Resolution.

7. Interdisciplinary Team Report. The report is ready but needs council review and approval.

8. Treatment Center Feasibility Study. The Project Development Team was expecting to have a draft by November 15, 2021. This date has been pushed back for another four weeks due to IOP numbers given and what was reported to Indian Health Service. At that time, the Team will schedule a Round Table with the Tribal Council and DSGW before submitting to Indian Health Service.

9. Waiting for Notice of Funding Opportunities from Indian Health Services: DVP (formerly DVPI), SAPTA-Substance Abuse and Suicide Prevention, Treatment and Aftercare (formerly MSPI), and SPIP-Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention. These three grant opportunities have been forecasted and delayed several times in the last year.

10. Waiting on approval of FY 2022 budgets.

11. Discussions with Avera Health regarding partnerships. Met with William LaRoque, SWO tribal elder on his concerns with the Dialysis Center at WWKMHC.

12. Fulfilling the grant requirements and close out of the DVPI, MSPI-Mayuteca, and MSPIGeneration Indigenous grants ending March 31, 2022.

13. The Tribal Health Director was contacted by the Native Community Development Institute to participate with the SWO Team and three other Tribes. First session is November 3 and 4, 2021 in Sioux Falls, SD.

14. Scheduling meeting with Prairie Lakes dialysis on their agreement, policies, etc.

15. Tribal Health Director met with the SWO Planning Department to discuss the SWO Health Plan

Many hours spent on staff phone calls with all departments under the supervision the Tribal Health Director.


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