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District News: Buffalo Lake


Last updated 11/30/2021 at 1:10am

December Regular District Meeting:

**Winter Months Schedule begins

Sunday, December 19th, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. at the Buffalo Lake District Center.

**Face masks are MANDATORY.

Birthday checks are done at the District Meetings ONLY!

December Birthdays:

Birthday checks for November birthdays ages 18 years old to 54 years old will be distributed at the district meeting. Must be present to pick up birthday check and must bring a photo ID.

The Buffalo Lake District will be accepting "Letters of Intent" for cleaning of the District Center. Please submit you letter to the District Secretary, Heather Willliams at [email protected] by December, 19th at noon.

District Executive Phone Numbers:

District Chairman: Kenneth "Dicky" Johnson- (605) 924-6215

District Councilman: Louie Johnson- (605) 951-4960

District Vice-Chairman: Billy Canku- (605) 880-2924

District Treasurer: Kayline LaBelle- (605) 927-9018

District Secretary: Heather Williams- (605) 268-1104


The monthly District Elderly meeting will be held on Saturday, December 11th at the Buffalo Lanes Bowling Alley in the conference room. Lunch will be at noon and the meeting to start at 1:00p.m.


The District has received funds from the Tribe so that Elderly Hardship requests can now be taken. Due to the number of District Elders we now have the amount for the District Elderly Hardship for 2021 has been set at $150.00. In order to receive your Elderly Hardship you must submit in writing a request for a hardship. Your name will then be placed on the list for an Elderly Hardship request. Regardless of where you live you must submit in writing your Elderly Hardship Request. If you live out of town you will need to mail your request to the following address. Then you will be notified as to where to pick up your Elderly Hardship request if you live in town. If you live out of town your Hardship Request will be mailed to you.

Mail To: Buffalo Lake District

C/O of Buffalo Lake District Elderly

P.O. Box 777

Agency Village, S.D. 57262


To inform and update all District Elders about Elderly Birthdays. Elderly Birthdays are addressed once a month at the Elderly meeting, which is held the 2ND Saturday of the month at the District Center. The District Elderly Executives have a list and they do know who has a birthday for a specific month. You will not receive your Elderly Birthday check on your birthday or at the meeting. Once the Elderly Birthday checks have been processed. You will be contacted as to where you can pick up your check if you live in town. If you live out of town your check will be mailed to you.

Reminder for all Buffalo Lake District Elderly: Please make sure you update your information with the Elderly Board. A letter was mailed out to all elders on the roster. If you haven't received a letter requesting updated information, please contact Lisa RedWing at (605) 237-3521


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