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The Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Planning Department is soliciting proposals to provide consultant services to lead a major update of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Plan and develop a broad regional strategy focusing on a strategic situational assessment of the region, identification of a limited set of “game changer” initiatives and of the organizational and partnership capacities that will be necessary to implement them.

Funding for this project is provided by the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA), so the final product must meet the requirements of an EDA funded CEDS and includes:

1. Review and evaluate the existing CEDS Plan and reports to identify trends and actions taken.

2. Assist with updating demographic, economic, and industry analysis.

3. Understand the issues of unique concern and build upon prior planning efforts.

4. Develop and initiate, with staff, Tribal-wide conversations about future development specifically related to the Lake Traverse Reservation.

5. Establish and execute, with staff, a communication and information strategy so there is appropriate community/stakeholder/business involvement throughout the planning process for the CEDS Plan update and visioning.

6. Define the role of the Reservation Planning Commission for engaging the community and receiving public input.

7. Coordinate with staff to develop in-house community-wide surveys, an interactive project website, GIS maps, StoryMaps, and a social media presence.

8. Facilitate a creative and innovative public outreach and participatory process in coordination with staff to gather community input:

o Facilitate and conduct in-person and virtual public meetings, panels, in-person forums, community conversations, open houses, and work sessions with frequency, timing, and at locations to generate the best results. For example, explore opportunities to reach out to residents during non-traditional hours and days of the week. It is also important to recognize that traditional public forums may not be feasible or advisable as a result of public health concerns.

o Facilitate community visioning forums that focus on understanding what the Lake Traverse Reservation should look like in twenty years and design a 5-year action plan.

o Use technological best practices to facilitate meetings and the visioning process.

o Actively engage community members and stakeholders.

o Create a public involvement and participation process that assists staff and culminates in the adoption of an updated CEDS Plan and vision tailored for a twenty-year horizon.

o Formulate and recommend an updated CEDS Plan with revised vision statement, existing conditions, goals, and policies and establish as a separate document, a suggested implementation plan based on the updated goals and policies.

9. As an EDA-funded CEDS, the final product must meet basic CEDS requirements. That includes the following: Summary of background information; SWOT analysis, Strategic Direction/Action Plan; Evaluation Framework; A discussion of resilience. The core of the report should be an attractive, engaging, and accessible document that makes the case for change and outlines a clear approach to moving the needle for the region. Supplemental reports providing more detailed analysis of demographic and economic trends, historical reports, meeting summaries, and development projects will be developed as appendices.

Written proposals should include, at a minimum, the following information in the order requested:

1. Cover Letter. A letter signed by an officer of the firm or individual, binding the respondent to all of the commitments made in the proposal.

2. Statement of Qualifications and Experience. Additional information can be in narrative form. Give the respondent’s professional history, background, and relevant experience with economic development planning, collaborative workshops, public outreach, stakeholder outreach (including both public and private sector engagement), focus groups, and meeting moderation. Provide a minimum of three references for similar work, giving the name of the project, description of project, project period, and project cost and links to plan documents. (Include the names of clients, primary contact person and phone number).

3. Scope of Work. Proposed approach to the scope of work with an emphasis on the respondent’s approach to outreach (public and stakeholder), the situational assessment, and capacity building exercises. The statement of approach should show that the consultant has experience with Tribal clients.

4. Project Schedule. Proposed project schedule in accordance with the basic requirements described above.

5. Fee Proposal. The fee proposal shall include costs associated with the delivery and provision of finished product(s), and costs associated with carrying out all tasks specified in this RFP.

6. Proposed Subcontractors. The successful respondent will assume sole responsibility for the complete project as required in this RFP. The Planning Department will consider only one individual/firm/company as the sole point of contact with regard to contract matters, whether or not subcontractors are used for one or more parts of this project. Respondents who intend to subcontract one or more elements of this project to other firms/individuals shall identify those work elements to be subcontracted and the firm/individual subcontractor. All subcontractors shall be included in the respondent’s statement of qualifications. (The successful respondent may utilize the services of specialty subcontractors on those portions of the work that under normal contracting practices are performed by specialty subcontractors).

7. Example of prior CEDS report, or related work product. Documentation of final work product should demonstrate familiarity with the EDA funded CEDS and should include a SWOT (situational analysis) or any related comprehensive planning reports.

Interested parties must submit eight (8) hard copies and one (1) digital copies in the format described above by March 11th, 2022 to:

Lennie Bernard-Peters

Procurement Department

Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate

12554 BIA HWY 711

Old Agency, SD 57262

Email: [email protected]

DISCLAIMER: All interested parties acknowledge that any Agreement executed and performed within the Tribe’s exclusive jurisdiction is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribal Court of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation. All interested parties acknowledge that they must comply with the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Ordinances: TERO Chapter 59 Requirements, Wage Rates & Compliance Plan; Business License Ordinance Chapter 53, Tax Ordinance Chapter 67 and Chapter 75 Sex Offender Registration.


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