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How to Administer Narcan with Josie Deutsch.


Last updated 4/13/2022 at 11:18pm

How to Administer Narcan with Josie Deutsch.

Community Health Education

The program offers health education to tribal members in an easy to understand format in an effort to increase the health and wellness of the SWO tribal members.

The Purpose of the Community Health Education is "To provide community health education services in a manner that empowers Tribal members to make positive, progressive and sustained personal choices about healthy lifestyles, utilization of available health services and assessment of needs."

This is accomplished through health fairs, public outreach tabling events, public service announcements, emails, newspaper articles, and social media.

Link to the First 1000 Days Initiative website: http://swofirst1000days.com

Staff members:

Audrey German - Program Manager, Health Career Specialist

Liz Anderson - Wellness Coordinator

Laci LaFromboise - Wellness Educator

Sandi Bernard - Wellness Educator

Elise Johnson - Wellness Educator


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