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SWO Watchdog Coalition Held Rally April 9th


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SWO Watchdog Coalition Held Rally April 9th


Sisseton, SD-The SWO Watchdog Coalition, comprised of Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate tribal members, are organizing a rally in support of our homeless relatives. The homeless have been mistreated and turned away from the SWO Warming House by the manager of the establishment. The SWO Warming House was opened specifically for our homeless tribal members who live on the streets in Sisseton due to addictions. Years ago,several of them were dying of exposure or freezing to death because of the harsh winters. Tribal Council allocated funds to open the Warming House so that they would have a place to sleep at night that was warm. They were allowed to come in under the influence. It was designed to keep them alive and out of the cold.This last winter a manager was hired who created a list of people banned from the Warming House. Those banned created a camp that the City took down at the request of the land owners, leaving them no place to go. In the last two weeks, homeless women who are no longer allowed at the Warming House were attacked and assaulted. The worker allowed them to stay at the Warming House against the orders of the Manager. The Manager has verbally assaulted and denigrated the people who come to the Warming House for shelter, denying them food and other supplies donated specifically for the use of the homeless.The SWO Watchdog Coalition has advocated for the homeless and brought in supplies for our homeless tribal members in the past. They are asking the community to come together and rally on behalf of our less fortunate relatives. The SWO Warming Houses hould be a safe haven for them, and it no longer is.The Rally will be held on Saturday, April 9th, 2022 at 12 pm. It will be in front of the Roberts County Courthouse by the Warming House at 411 2nd St. Sisseton SD 57262.Contact person: Shannon White, SWO Watchdog Organization, 605-467-0524


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