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SWO Admin Building Dedicates Space for Breastfeeding Mothers


Last updated 4/28/2022 at 3:41pm

The Ina Room

SWO Admin Building Dedicates Space for Breastfeeding Mothers

April 20, 2022

Agency Village, SD - The "Ina Room" is now open for SWO tribal employees. In April of 2021 SWO tribal executives passed a motion to designate a room in the SWO Admin Building specifically for employees that are breastfeeding mothers. Along with this motion, the SWO Employee Breastfeeding Policy was also adopted.

In this new policy, it allows for breastfeeding mothers to take breaks during the workday to express milk for their baby and utilize the lactation room as needed. The "Ina Room," that was previously designated as a meditation room, is a clean, private space equipped with a chair, a table for a breast pump, and a refrigerator for storing breastmilk. Employees wishing to utilize the space can reserve the room by using the schedule sheet posted on the door of the room.

The Ina Room was created because breastfeeding has been found to provide countless health benefits for both babies and mothers and according to the 2017 Pregnancy Health Survey for Parents of Newborns on the Lake Traverse Reservation, 39 percent of mothers reported that they stopped breastfeeding because they went back to work. With a space like this being provided in the workplace and a policy in place that supports breastfeeding, mothers will be able to breastfeed their babies for longer and this will help support a healthier community as a whole.

SWO continues to work on and adopt wellness policies like these in order to build a healthier and stronger Oyate for the future.


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