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155TH Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Pow-wow and Moccasin winners


Last updated 7/19/2022 at 11:38am

Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Pow-wow and Moccasin winners

Moccasin Tournament:

5th place- Craig Blackthunder, Algin Blackthunder, Drago Lufkins, Wes Redday

4th place- Moe Loud, Gary Proudchief, Mikey, Travis

3rd place- Jr Kurrasch, Sid Wanna, Felix Max Jr, Jerrad Max

2nd place- Tristen Labatte, Brandon Labatte, Joey Green, Grady Renville

1st place- Gabe Akipa, Will Crawford, Kaleb Wacanwiyahuga, Jace Max

Singing Contest:

5th place- 1,245pts Ho-chunk Station

4th place- 1,272pts Whitetail Boyz

3rd place- 1,314pts Bad Nation

2nd place- 1,341pts Midnite Express

1st place- 1,380pts Mandaree

Women’s Golden Age Jingle/Fancy:

5th place- Gina Redhouse

4th place- Alanna Tootoosis-Baker

3rd place- Jackie Bird

2nd place- Denise One Star

1st place- Gracie Her Many Horses

Women’s Golden Age Traditional:

5th place- Denise Lajimodicie

4th place- Iris McKay

3rd place- Marilyn Mountain

2nd place- Carmen Clairmont

1st place- Leah Brown

Men’s Golden Age Grass/Fancy:

5th place- Jerome Redhouse

4th place- Mike One Star

3rd place- Gabe Desrosiers Sr

2nd place- Clay Crawford

1st place- Daryl Bearstail

Men’s Golden Age Traditional:

5th place- Super Labatte

4th place- Mervil Iron Hawk

3rd place- Tony Wahweotten

2nd place- Elvin Nicotine

1st place- Donny McKay

Sr. Men’s Fancy:

5th place- Aaron Lussier

4th place- Brian Labatte

3rd place- Tyler Lasley

2nd place- Nigel Schyuler

1st place- Jazz Bearstail

Sr. Men’s Chicken:

5th place- Hallo Day

4th place- Lee Goodman Jr

3rd place- Jayme Bad Warrior

2nd place- Tate Honadick

1st place- Daryl Three Irons

Sr. Men’s Grass:

5th place- Corey Goodiron

4th place- Short Bearstail

3rd place- Nathan Mitsuing

2nd place- Rusty Gillette

1st place- Jon Taken Alive

Sr. Men’s Traditional:

5th place- Reuben Crowfeather

4th place- Russell McCloud

3rd place- Eli Snow

2nd place- Richard Street

1st place- Chaske LaBlanc

Sr. Women’s Fancy:

4th place- Siowyan Robinson

3rd place- Marlene Bad Warrior

2nd place- Jocy Littlesky

1st place- Nahmi Lasley

Sr. Women’s Jingle:

5th place- Sheena Cain

4th place- Jennifer Youngbear

3rd place- Memory Antoine

2nd place- Tanksi Clairmont

1st place- Leah Gillette

Sr. Women’s Traditional:

5th place- Denise Haury

4th place- Lonna Street

3rd place- Gina Hindsley

2nd place- Tara Whitehorse

1st place- Tasha Goodwill

Jr. Men’s Fancy:

5th place- Buster Cleveland

4th place- Mitchell Baker

3rd place- Marquel Crawford

2nd place- David Cleveland

1st place- Silas Whitebuffalo

Jr. Men’s Chicken:

5th place- Gabe Desrosiers Jr

4th place- Jeff Red Tomahwak

3rd place- Marshall Poitra-Cree

2nd place- Justis Wolfleader

1st place- Eya Fox

Jr. Men’s Grass:

5th place- Quintin Abbey

4th place- Tyrin Lasley

3rd place- Alex Firethunder

2nd place- Wambdi Clairmont

1st place- JT Largo

Jr. Men’s Traditional:

5th place- Trevor Street

4th place- Chad Red Elk

3rd place- Jonah Jackson

2nd place- Triston Lasley

1st place- Donovan Haury

Jr. Women’s Fancy:

5th place- Nitika Baker

4th place- Eahtosh Bird

3rd place- Lara Whiteye

2nd place- Morning Star Roberts

1st place- Keya Clairmont

Jr Women’s Jingle:

5th place- Yanabah Whitehorse

4th place- Shaundeen Smith

3rd place- Uriah Little Hoop

2nd place- Hokian Win McCloud

1st place- Rebekah Nevaquaya

Jr. Women’s Traditional:

5th place- Tierra Labelle

4th place- Victory Randall

3rd place- Faith Good Striker

2nd place- Nelenah Grey Eyes

1st place- Randi Bird

Teen Boys Fancy:

5th place- Lucas Cleveland

4th place- Darnell Baker

3rd place- O.D Draper

2nd place- RJ Tvieter

1st place- Keayan Brown

Teen Boys Grass:

5th place- Levi Cleveland

4th place- Cante Peters

3rd place- Joseph Hardy

2nd place- Thomas Bearstail III

1st place- Jackson Taken Alive

Teen Boys Tradtional:

3rd place- Jaycen Desnomie

2nd place- Kole Three Irons

1st place- Rusty McCloud

Teen Girls Fancy:

5th place- Kaylin Delome

4th place- Alva Snow

3rd place- Shanaanin Whitehorse

2nd place- Rebecca Cavanaugh

1st place- Rayanna Bird

Teen Girls Jingle:

5th place- Tosha McCloud

4th place- Gia Smith

3rd place- Cree Delome

2nd place- Sapphire LaBlanc

1st place- Tianna Wright

Teen Girls Traditional:

5th place- Sophia Ford

4th place- Kanesa DuBray

3rd place- Shawntay Iron Horse

2nd place- Harmony Spiedel

1st place- Slema Buiry

Jr. Boys Fancy:

4th place- Pistol Bearstail

3rd place- Tokala Littlesky

2nd place- Jeffrey Heminger

1st place- Devin Connor

Jr. Boys Grass:

5th place- Percy Kirk

4th place- Elgin Jens

3rd place- Cokaya Peter

2nd place- Cain DuBray

1st place- Omani Denny-Clairmont

Jr. Boys Traditional:

5th place- Jr Bad Warrior

4th place- Kai James

3rd place- Netaa Whitehorse

2nd place- Quade Graybull Boyd

1st place- Wakinyan Snow

Jr. Girls Fancy:

5th place- Bryleigh Martin

4th place- Jazzy Bearstail

3rd place- Yanli Owns Different Horses

2nd place- Waniyedu Snow

1st place- Rose Cavanaugh

Jr. Girls Jingle:

5th place- Naveah Fox

4th place- Ataya Littlesky

3rd place- Delanna Connor

2nd place- Mastowin Owen

1st place- Tehya Spoonhunter

Jr. Girls Traditional:

5th place- Arayah Blackfish

4th place- Weta Peters

3rd place- Adaybaa Whitehorse

2nd place- Tess Lasley

1st place- Jayda Cavanaugh


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